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4.3 inch Rearview Mirror LCD Monitor with Camera and Bluetooth

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Price: $99.00

Car rearview mirror with 4.3 inch TFT LCD monitor which can be showing what is behind the vehicle when reverse gear is engaged.
The driver can see if children,  adults, pets or objects are in the ‘danger’ zone.
Also just like a original car rearview mirror.

This rearview mirror system featured in the followings:

•170 degree wide angle view, min size, Waterproof reverse camera 
4.3 inch rearview mirror TFT LCD Screen,
•Video Input 2-channel, AV1 to DVD/VCD, AV2 to reversing camera
•Clip-on simple installation, or arm bracket installation.
•Safe driving when call coming,Thanks to Built in Bluetooth with external    Microphone, hand-free phone call, with caller ID on LCD display.

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