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7 inch On-Camera HD Field LCD Monitor with HDMI to Canon 5D Mark II Camera

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Model number: 
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Price: $259.00

5D-II (HDMI input)
5D-II/O (HDMI input & output)

Professional HDMI LCD Monitor for Canon 5D-II Camera in taking photos and Making Movies.

key functions:
up selection key: to select items on OSD menu. Press to switch on/off 5D-II mode.
down selection key: to select items on OSD menu. Press to switch on/off Pixel-to-Pixel mode.

F1-F4, 4 user-definable buttons, default function: 
F1: Screen Maker / Center Maker        
F2: Aspect Ratio
F3: Check Field                        
F4: Underscan / Overscan

5D-II Camera, Center Marker, Pixel-to-Pixel, Color Bar, Screen Marker, Aspect Ratio, Check Field, Underscan/Overscan, Freeze Input, H/V Delay, 4x Zoom, Image Flip.


Panel Size: 7" TFT LCD (16:9)
Resolution: 1024×600, up to 1920×1080
Brightness: 250cd/㎡
Contrast: 800:1
Viewing Angle: 160°/ 150°(H/V)
Input Voltage: DC 6.5-24V
Input Signal: HDMI
Output Signal: HDMI (optional)
DV Battery: F970/DU21/QM91D (optional)
Battery Plate: F970, DU21/QM91D (optional)
Current: 800mA
Power Consumption: 10W
Working Temperature: -20℃ ~ 60℃
Storage Temperature: -30℃ ~ 70℃
Size (LWD): 196.5×145×31mm
            196.5×145×41mm (with sun shade closed)
            196.5×145×151.3mm (with sunshade open)


1.Flexible Folding Sun Shade Cover: 1piece
2.Battery Plate (F970): 1piece
3.DC Adapter: 1piece
4.HDMI A/C Cable: 1piece
5.Shoe Mount (for camera only): 1piece
6.Manual: 1copy
7.Battery Plate (DU21/QM91D) (optional): 2pieces
8.DV Battery F970/DU21/QM91D (optional): 1piece

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