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7 inch LCD Monitor for Video Camera with HDMI & YPbPr Input

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Price: $279.00


665GL-70NP/HO/Y (HDMI output optional)
665GL-70NP/H/Y/S (HD-SDI optional)

HD-SDI、HDMI & YPbPr Input, to connect with Full HD Video Camera.
LCD 16:9 Aspect Ratio, max 1920×1080 pixels.
High Contrast & Dizzy-proof monitor with sun shade, to see clearly under sunshine.
Shooting view aperture, RGB monochromatic display, 16:9/4:3 aspect ratio switch,
underscan/overscan switch, HD-SDI、HDMI & Video output.
DC 6-24V wide range voltage.
4 user-definable function buttons (F1, F2, F3 & F4).
High capacity rechargeable Li-ion battery, make power cables free.


Panel Size: 7" TFT LCD (16:9)
Resolution: 1024×600, up to 1920×1080
Brightness: 250cd/㎡
Contrast: 700:1
Viewing Angle: 150°/ 145°(H/V)
Input Voltage: DC 6-24V (XLR DC Connection)
Input Signal: HDMI, YPbPr, AV, HD-SDI (optional)
Current: 650mA
Standby Current: 50mA
Power Consumption: 7.8W
Size(LWD): 194.5×150×38.5mm/112.5mm (with sun shade)
Weight: 584g / 700g (with sun shade)

Sun shade 1 Piece
Battery plate (DU21/QM91D/F970) 2piece (choose 2 out of 3)
DC adapter 1 Piece
Manual 1 Piece
Bracket 1 Copy
V-mount battery plate (optional) 1 Piece
Anton Bauer mount battery plate (optional) 1 Piece
Li-ion battery (optional) 1 Piece
HDMI to mini HDMI cable (optional) 1 Piece
Shoe mount (for camera only) (optional) 1 Piece

DV Battery Mount Plate:

Model DU21 for battery of Panasonic DV: NV-GS/PV-GS/DZ-MV/GS/H28/H258/H288GK series, comply with Panasonic battery DU06/VBD140/SANYO DZhs301sw/Hitachi DZ-HS303SW/BZ-BP14S/DZ3200/BP07W

Model QM91D for battery of SONY DV: DSCR1/F/S/MVCCD/E/HC15E/HC1E/AE1u/DCRTRV828/E/CCD-TRV116/DCR-DVD/PS105K/300K/10P/1E series

Model F970 for battery of SONY DV: DCR-TRV series, DCR-TRV E series, VX2100E PD P series, GV-A700, GV-D800 FD/CCD-SC/TR3/FX1E/HVR-AIC, HDR-FX1000E, HVR-Z1C, HVR-V1C, FX7E F330

On Camera Monitor, Field Monitor, Broadcast Monitor, POS system, ATM system.

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