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Car Rearview Mirror w/ 4.3 inch LCD Monitor with 5 Way Video Input for Camera and DVD

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Price: $76.00

With unique 5 way video input built-in for 4 x car rearview cameras & in-car DVD player. Auto switching to rear view when reverse gear is engaged and manual operation with arrow key design touch button control to select real-tim image from camera installed on the front, rear, left or right of car.

Front/Rear/Left/Right word indicated on screen and voice prompted according to the camera image on each side. Power-saving technology applied to prevent camera from over heating problem.

Technical data:
Screen: 4.3" color TFT LCD
Resolution: 480*RGB*272
Brightness: 350cd/m2
Contrast: 300:1
Display format: 16:9 (4:3)
Video input: 5-way
OSD menu: available (English)
Voltage: 12V
Consumption: 2W MAX
Working environment: -20℃-+65℃
Dimension:27.4cm(W) * 7.6cm(H)
Mounting: Clip on into factory mirror or with arm bracket

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