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10 inch Industrial embedded Touch Screen Panel PC with 2G RAM - 16G SSD - WiFi - S-ATA



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2.4GHz Wireless Car Rear View Camera System With 4.3" Mirror LCD Monitor


  • Car Rearview Mirror with 4.3 inch TFT LCD Colour Monitor,
  • Clip-on installation, Arm bracket installation.
  • 2 x video inputs and audio
  • Bluetooth optional


  • 2.4GHz  , Wireless Transmitter,   Wireless Receiver.
  • Stable wireless transmission.


  • 120 degree, 170 degree car rearview camera can be choosed.


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7 inch USB Powered TFT LCD Monitor - USB for VGA input - Touch Screen option


  • NOT DC power, just USB Powered
  • NOT VGA input, just USB Input
  • One cable does it all!
  • Innovation USB-only connection---add monitors without adding clutter!
  • A USB Powered Monitor as Multiple Input/Output Device for Video Conference, Instant Messaging, News, Photo Frame and Stock Casting, etc.
  • Screen Resolution: WVGA(800×480)
  • Touch Panel´╝Ü4-wire resistive
  • Contrast:500:1
  • Brightness:250cd/m²
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Input Power: USB(


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7 inch Motorized One DIN in-dash VGA Touch Screen Monitor with AM/FM Radio


In-Dash mount, motorized; LED Backlight
Touch Screen USB or RS232 interface optional
AM/FM: 87.5-104.5
45*4 Hi-fi Amplifier, earphone
Audio input 6 audio input
Video Input 2 Video input for dual display
Card set: SD/CF card set and 3 USB port for extensible
Rearview: Auto rearview when backing the car
High resolution- up to 1024 x 768 (H x V) formatted
VGA input (15 pin D-SUB)

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7 inch On-Camera HD Field LCD Monitor with HDMI to Canon 5D Mark II Camera


5D-II (HDMI input)
5D-II/O (HDMI input & output)

Application for Canon 5D-II Camera in taking photos and Making Movies.

key functions:
up selection key: to select items on OSD menu. Press to switch on/off 5D-II mode.
down selection key: to select items on OSD menu. Press to switch on/off Pixel-to-Pixel mode.


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manually operated 7 inch In-Dash VGA Touch Screen LCD Monitor with AM/FM, Amplifier


In-Dash mount, manually operated VGA LCD Touch Screen Monitor.

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High Speed Car HD MPEG-4 DVB-T Tuner


World-wide Shipping


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