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10 inch Industrial embedded Touch Screen Panel PC with 2G RAM - 16G SSD - WiFi - S-ATA



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Car Mobile HD DVB-T Digital TV Receiver - Dual Tuner - MPEG-4 - AVC/H.264


  • Car DVB-T receiver as connected to your car monitor allows you to watch digital TV programs directly in your car.
    * This digital DVB-T MPEG4 TV tuner is equipped with USB port providing possibility to watch films / listen to music/ view pictures from USB drives and record TV programs. The device can be used not only in the car but at home together with your TV set. 


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    Car Rearview Mirror with 4.3 inch LCD Touch Screen GPS Navigation Bluetooth


    • It replaces your rearview mirror with an all-in-one mirror, GPS navigation and hands-free cellular phone functions. Clear view back-up safety camera makes you aware of things behind you.


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    10.4 inch TFT LCD VGA Touch Screen Monitor with HDMI and DVI input


    • 10.4" TFT LCD Monitor & TFT LCD Touch Screen Monitor with DVI & HDMI
    • 4 or 5 wire resistive touch panel;
    • HDMI/DVI input;
    • Touch screen control;
    • With VGA input, connecting directly to PC, as a Personal Computer;
    • With AV input, connecting directly to DVD player, as a car entertainment system;
    • With touch screen operation, can as a display terminal unit of industrial equipment.


    • Panel: TFT LCD 10.4" (3642 mm)
    • Res


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    10.4" LCD Touch Panel PC



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    • LCD touch panel PC of RS-104P series is embedded human-machine interface of high capability with INTEL core.
    • This product adopts 10.4 inch TFT LCD screen,display resolving rate with 800*600;
    • fourth-line resistance touch screen;
    • INTEL P-M CPU module etc.
    • It is handsome and hard,good anti-vibration and electromagnetism shielded capability,
    • and is optimal choice of various built-in application field with using multimedia ad/industry roboticized control equipment/military affairs/intelligent product etc.

    4.3 inch Car Rearview Mirror LCD Monitor Touch button Bluetooth for Toyota,Honda


    Special features

    • Replacement fitting fully keeps the originality of your car
    • Unique metal arm with tight fitting and changeable for
    • Most popular cars
    • Special anti-glare mirror with perfect visibility
    • Handsfree BLUETOOTH function optional (New )



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    Clip on Anti-Glare Car Rearview Mirror with 4.3 inch TFT LCD Color Monitor Bluetooth


    • Combine this anti-glare blue lens rearview mirror with any of car rearview cameras.


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    7 inch Motorized One DIN in-dash VGA Touch Screen Monitor with AM/FM Radio


    In-Dash mount, motorized; LED Backlight
    Touch Screen USB or RS232 interface optional
    AM/FM: 87.5-104.5
    45*4 Hi-fi Amplifier, built-in MIC and earphone
    Audio input 6 audio input
    Video Input 2 Video input for dual display
    Card set: SD/CF card set and 3 USB port for extensible
    Rearview: Auto rearview when backing the car
    High resolution- up to 1024 x 768 (H x V) formatted

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    7 inch ONE-DIN Motorized Touch Screen control Car PC - carputer - Car computer


    ONE-DIN Full Motorized Car PC with 7 inch Touch Screen LCD panel
    Built on XP system.CPU VIA C7 1.2G
    Memory:  1G memory 
    Hard Disc: 8G SSD  (16G optional) Or 160G HDD
    With Built-in Radio, amplifier, bluetooth function.
    Wifi,3G optional.


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