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2.4GHz Wireless Car Rear View Camera System With 4.3" Mirror LCD Monitor


Clip-on installation or Arm bracket installation.
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Clip on Anti-Glare Car Rearview Mirror with 4.3 inch TFT LCD Color Monitor Bluetooth


  • Combine this anti-glare blue lens rearview mirror with any of car rearview cameras.


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manually operated 7 inch In-Dash VGA Touch Screen LCD Monitor with AM/FM, Amplifier




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4.3 inch Rearview Mirror LCD Monitor with Camera and Bluetooth


Car rearview mirror with 4.3 inch TFT LCD monitor which can be showing what is behind the vehicle when reverse gear is engaged.
The driver can see if children,  adults, pets or objects are in the ‘danger’ zone.
Also just like a original car rearview mirror.

This rearview mirror system featured in the followings:


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In-car mobile DVB-T2 Digital TV Tuner




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4 Diversity 4 Tuner HD MPEG-4 H.264 SD DVB-T Receiver for Car


4*Antennas input, 4*Tuners
4 Diversity HD H.264/SD DVB-T Receiver for Car
MPEG4 H.264/SD
Watching TV at Speed over 260km/h 
4 Diversity HD MPEG-4 H.264/SD DVB-T Receiver for Car
Fully comply with HD DVB-T MPEG2/MPEG4 AVC/H.264 Standard
Recording and playback TV programs with USB Disk.
Y/Pr/Pb output supports 1920x1080i p/i
Use DiB-com dib9090M high performance NIM chip with 4 diversity structure

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Car Mobile HD MPEG-4 DVB-T Digital TV Receiver



  • Car DVB-T receiver as connected to your car monitor allows you to watch digital TV programs directly in your car.
    * This digital DVB-T MPEG4 TV tuner is equipped with USB port providing possibility to watch films / listen to music/ view pictures from USB drives and record TV programs. The device can be used not only in the car but at home together with your TV set.



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