A Review of Baseball World Series

2016 World Series in Destin, Florida

There is no doubt that the Baseball World Series is one of the most anticipated sporting events in the United States, each and every year. Every young ball player dreams of one day playing in the World Series. In terms of the sheer number of spectators, both who are able to get tickets to the event, as well as those who watch the event on television, this is certainly one of the biggest sporting match ups around the world.

The World Series ballgame has been played since 1903. It is the championship series of the MLB, or the Major League Baseball. The two teams that face each other in the World Series final are the winner of the American League, and the winner of the National League. In 2016, the event will be hosted by Destin, Florida, on July 25-28. Destin, Florida has been specifically chosen because organizers feel confident that the stadium can cope well with such a massive baseball event.

2015 World Series Baseball

2015 saw the 111th time that the World Series ballgame was contested. As such, Destin, Florida, will host the Series for the 112th time. The AL team has won a total of 63 times, while the NL team has won 47 times. The final winner is decided after a best of seven playoff. Fans will know that the winning baseball team is then awarded the Commissioner’s Trophy. Because of the time of year in which the event takes place, it is often called the Fall Classic.

The 2015 edition required 5 games to be played before the winner was decided. In this year of the World Series, the Kansas City Royals were victorious over the New York Mets. The final score was recorded as 7-2, after the game went into an extra innings, after it had been tied at a score of 2-2. 2015 was the second time that the Kansas City Royals had been victorious. It will be interesting to find out which two teams reach the finals to be played in Destin, Florida, on July 25-28, 2016.

Certainly the most successful baseball team over the years has been the New York Yankees. The Yankees have played in a total of 40 World Series finals, and have a won an amazing 27 times. The next most successful teams are Philadelphia, Kansas City, and Oakland Athletics, followed by the Boston Red Sox.

It is interesting to note that no baseball team has been able to win consecutive titles since the New York Yankees in 2002. Many fans wonder if Kansas City will be able to pull off this feat, if they are able to reach the final in 2016, to be played in Destin, Florida.

Previous World Series Winners

The 2014 final was won by the San Francisco Giants, who also won in 2012, as well as in 2010. 2013 saw the Boston Red Sox as the victorious baseball team. The St Louis Cardinals won in 2011. It has been a while since the New York Yankees last won this event, with their previous victory coming in 2009. As a fan you can follow the game by placing bets at Aussie sports betting sites and win big bonuses and rewards