An Overwiew of Summer Olympics

2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The 2016 Summer Olympics will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from Aug 5-21.This multi-sports event is possibly the largest sporting event in the world. Countries around the globe compete with each other for the honor of being able to host the Summer Olympics. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was fortunate enough to win the chance to be able to host this multi-sports event.

The Summer Olympics take place every 4 years, and for many athletes, this is the highlight of their sporting career. The event in 2016 will be the 31st edition of the Summer Olympics. This event in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is more commonly known as Rio 2016. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has been preparing for this major multi-sports event ever since the 2nd October 2009, when they were announced the winners at the IOC Session. This was held in Denmark. Amazingly, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil will be the first South American city to ever have the honor of hosting this event.

This version of the Summer Olympics is truly a multi-sports event, and will feature 28 different sports. Many of these will host a whole range of different events that form part of that individual sport. Some of the new multi-sports that were added to the program by the Olympic Committee in 2009 include rugby sevens, and now also golf.

There are four different regions in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil which will also host different sporting events. These areas are known as Barra, Copacabana, Deodoro, and Maracanã. Different venues in these regions of the city will host the various sports that form part of the Summer Olympics.

Multi-Sports Events on Offer

In terms of the types of multi-sports that will be competed, aquatics are one of the most exciting. Under the aquatics banner, sports include diving, synchronized swimming, and water polo. However, the swimming events are certainly some of the most exciting and in demand events, with new records typically being broken fairly often.

There are a number of equestrian sporting events on offer. These include dressage, eventing, and jumping. There are a number of events that fall under the cycling banner. Some of these include BMX cycling, road cycling, track cycling, and mountain bike cycling.

The 2016 Summer Olympics will offer both beach volleyball and standard volleyball. Gymnastics is typically dominated by a few nations, but is still a hugely popular event. These gymnastic sporting events include artistic, rhythmic and trampoline events.

New Summer Olympics Records

While there are numerous other sports also on offer, the athletics track is certainly one of the main focuses of the Olympics, and will definitely be the case in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. From the 100m sprint, to javelin and discus, even to the marathon, these events can be very exciting. The events taking place in the athletics stadium will take place over a number of days, and will typically culminate in some of the bigger or more popular events. Spectators are also always on the lookout for new world records that might be set during the day’s proceedings. As a fan you can take part and enjoy the games while you place winning bets at online betting sites in Australia for greatest odds and rewards