Can you check lotto tickets online?

Online Lotto Tickets

In this day and age everything revolves around convenience, whether it’s online shopping, utilizing various online business services, online books and magazines as well as your weekly lotto tickets. The lotto has been around for a good few decades now and since its inception the idea of becoming an overnight millionaire is what’s pushed these games through the roof in popularity. Not only can you purchase your lotto ticket online you can also check the results of the lotto to see if you’re a winner.

How to Play the Online Lotto

The aim of this numbers game as with many other games is to win big, and the different lottery games around have some of the highest jackpot payouts. In order to win the jackpot your lucky numbers will have to match the final draw numbers, if you’ve got a 100% match then you would’ve won the massive jackpot. If instead you only get a few numbers that match you will still win some cash but the payout obviously increases the more matching numbers you have. If you add a few extension games to the mix not only will your winning potential increase drastically but you’ll increase the chances of winning as well.

To get started it’s literally as simple as selecting 6 (in general) lucky numbers, purchasing your ticket and then it’s a waiting game till the lucky winning numbers are drawn.

There are many countries across the world that have their own lotto game, and most of these will also include a variety of lotto games including the Euro Millions, Powerball, Mega Millions, as well as at least a handful more. Jackpots are known to hit millions, some hundreds of millions and can make a huge difference to any one’s life that’s lucky enough to claim that prize.

Checking Your Lotto Ticket Online

Can you check lotto tickets online? That’s simple, yes you can. There will be a variety of options for you to choose from including visiting the website where you secured payment for your tickets, or by a simple Google search.

Dependent on which site you’ve purchased your tickets from they often require you to register an online account and most of these accounts will the automatically store your lotto tickets and if there’s a match following the draw they will notify you generally by email.

If you miss the results of a draw by a couple of days your ticket concierge will have results saved of atleast the last 10 draws. It is however extremely important to check out the expiry policies of the lotto game you are playing. In some case you have 180 days only to claim your winnings.

Rules and Regulations

Once you have checked your lotto ticket online it’s time to hopefully claim your winnings. To do so you will need to comply with some rules and regulations. Most lotto games require all players to be at least 18 years or older, with a few extensions of 16 years. Another point of interest is that the ticket must be an original. If it’s at all tampered with it will not be accepted. Get the comprehensive betting guide at most of the NZ betting sites to stands a better chance of winning.