NFL Betting Strategies Explained for New Bettors

Start winning more wagers when you’re cheering on the Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots, Denver Broncos, or the New Orleans Saints.

Bet With Your Head, Not Your Heart

As obvious as it may sound, avoiding emotion when wagering remains challenging for some. We all have our favourite team, and the one we most despise, and putting these preferences aside isn’t easy.

But even if you only follow this strategy, you’ll start seeing better returns! You don’t need a detailed strategy based on mathematical analysis for this one. It’s just common sense.

Know the One-on-One Matchups

As much of a team sport as it is, Football also relies heavily on face-to-face encounters. For example, a weak offensive tackle cannot rightly be expected to perform well against the leading edge-rushers in the league.

Pay attention to big skill-discrepancies between players who will be going up against each other.

Coaches are a big factor here, too, with each one using recurring strategies that work excellently against certain opponents and fail utterly against others. Trainers get used to each others’ game approaches too, and some are better than others at responding to new situations.

Pay Attention to Where the Game’s Being Played

Home-field advantage doesn’t always matter, but when it does it makes a huge difference.

Do your homework, comparing each team’s Home record and their Away results when you’re handicapping to find this advantage.

West Coast teams travelling to the Eastern Time Zone have less difficulty managing the time change, but East Coast teams are impacted hugely when they’re playing on the Pacific Coast, three hours later than they are used to.

And because certain indoor teams can have trouble performing properly outdoors, it pays nicely to know which ones have this issue.

Check the Injury Reports

Even the smallest change can wreck an entire Football team because the players are so heavily interlinked with one another. Make sure you know who’s missed practice, how each athlete’s looking in terms of the upcoming game, and what role they generally play on the squad.

If you find that the team injury reports are too vague, check the Twitter accounts belonging to the beat writers for every team, they’ll usually provide a little extra detail.

When it Comes to Divisional Matchups, Beware

Teams that play each other twice every season get to know each other well and even bad squads go the extra mile when they’re battling division rivals. While one team may appear superior on paper, divisional matchups are often a lot closer than expected. This makes them a great choice on the Point Spread but makes them risky on the Moneyline.

Value Can Only Take You So Far

Of course, staking on the underdog can pay off well but you need to think about why the long odds are where they are in the first place.

You need to ensure that you have a good reason and sound logic when you take a 900+ on the Moneyline because you can bet your bottom dollar that the bookmaker used those qualities to set it in the first place!